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The Double-sided Practice Pad, 4-in-1

The Most Complete Practice Pad In The Market

The Absolute Essential Practice Pad for Drum Kit, Marching, and Concert Snare Drummers 

The Double-sided Practice Pad, 4-in-1 is the most versatile and complete pad that will satisfy all of the needs a drummer is looking for in a pad.

Although the pad is 12'' in diameter with four total sides and a rim, the pad is light enough to carry on the go.

Realistic Feeling Top Surface

 The top surface is a durable silicone rubber that includes a laminated insert for an articulate response. Without the insert, the top surface resembles the feel and response of a snare drum.

Laminated Insert

Insert the laminated surface for a more articulate experience, and remove at any time with any pointed device.

Conditioning Surface

Insert the conditioning surface for a low-rebounding, quiet surface that promotes technical performance. The conditioning surface provides shock absorption while still retaining rebound.

Dual Surface

The bottom side is a quieter and softer hitting rubber that produces a friendlier surface with less rebound. This side is ideal for drummers who want to either quietly work on their chops or increase muscle development.

User Demonstrations

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