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Collection: The Double-sided Practice Pad 4-in-1, Conditioning + Laminate

The Double-sided Practice Pad 4-in-1, Laminate + Conditioning

If you're a drum kit, marching snare, and/or concert snare percussionist in need of a versatile practice pad, this is the one.

The absolute essential practice pad for drum kit, marching, and concert snare percussionists. This practice pad is 12'' in diameter, double-sided, and fully rimmed. The four different hitting surfaces make this pad the most complete practice pad in the market.

The top features a silicone rubber surface that resembles the feel and rebound of a snare drum, while the bottom surface features a quieter and softer feel that is intended for drummers that want to quietly work on their chops and increase muscle development. Insert the conditioning surface for a low-rebounding, quiet surface that promotes technical performance.

The conditioning surface provides shock absorption while still retaining rebound. Insert the laminated surface for a more articulate experience, and remove at any time with any pointed device


This practice pad from Movement Drum Co is new to our list. They were kind enough to send us one to check out. Upon receiving it, we were pleasantly surprised. It stands out from every other traditional pad on our list. We have deemed it to be our Editor’s Choice - Drumming Review

The Movement Drum Co's 12” Double-Sided Pad is our top pick because it provides four different playing surfaces to accommodate the practice needs of just about any type of drummer. - Kickstart Your Drumming

A useful drum practice pad has to be versatile and this one perfectly meets this criterion. Not only it is compact and portable, but also offers a variety of pad surfaces. Practically, you get four practice pads in a single package and all of them are very useful. - Electronic Drum Advisor

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  • The Double Sided Practice Pad, 4-in-1 Laminate + Conditioning
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