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Maximize Your Practice Time With The Most Premium Practice Tools

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The Most Versatile and Complete Practice Drum Pads In The Market

Playing the drums should be liberating, and the sound or size of the instrument should never cause restrictions. With this in mind, our mission is to create quality driven percussion tools that enable drummers to practice and play in any environment without compromise.

The 4-in-1 Practice Drum Pad

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The Marching Snare Practice Drum Pad

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Our Pads have been Featured In

  • Drummer World - Movement Drum Co.
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  • Music Critic - Movement Drum Co.

Rated The Best By Numerous Publications

Upon receiving it, we were pleasantly surprised. It stands out from every other traditional pad on our list. We have deemed it to be our Editor's Choice.

Drumming Review

The Movement Drum Co's 12” Double-Sided Pad is our top pick because it provides four different playing surfaces to accommodate the practice needs of just about any type of drummer.

Kickstart Your Drumming

A useful drum practice pad has to be versatile and this one perfectly meets this criterion. Not only it is compact and portable, but also offers a variety of pad surfaces. Practically, you get four practice pads in a single package and all of them are very useful.

Electronic Drum Advisor

The build quality is great, and with the inserts and 4 surface options – if you want that type of flexibility – it’s worth the extra dollars over a single surface pad of comparable size.

Drum Silent

The Movement Drum 12-inch Double Sided Practice Pad comes first on our today’s drum practice pad review. This pad comes with 4 hitting surfaces which accommodate most drummers.

Movement Drum Co.’s drum pad is the best practice pad for beginners. It’s a versatile practice drum pad perfect for starters who don’t want to get overwhelmed with playing the drum kit

Guitar Junky

While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, it does offer superb value for money thanks to it offering multiple playing surfaces, which mimic different playing surfaces

Music Gear Blog

The guys over at Movement Drum Co. created a beautiful 12” practice pad that gives you the ability to play on four different playing surfaces. This means that whether you’re a kit player, marching drummer, or concert snare player, this practice pad will fit your needs.


if you are a young beginner always on the go in school etc get this it will fit well in a backpack and you won't get bored. this is a very good pad just wished it had a heavier base to work with steel weighted sticks.

Amazon Customer

This is an outstanding practice pad. It has great feel. It's stylish and well-made. Easy to carry around. Definitely worth the money. Highly recommend for drummers of all skill levels.

Amazon Customer

I've only had this for a few days, but it is versatile. You have 4 different options with easy to change surfaces.

Amazon Customer

I really dig the removable laminate insert. Also, the raised "rim" is perfect for adding rimshot sounds to your practice routine. Both of which hold up very well under heavy use with marching sticks.

Amazon Customer

 The main playing surface is firm but not overly hard. It produces a satisfying woody sound and feel. Really nice. The conditioning insert, in my opinion, has the perfect balance of softness and rebound for building wrist and finger strength and control

Amazon Customer

I would 100% recommend this pad to anyone who's in search of a quality practice pad that doesn't want to empty their wallet.

Amazon Customer

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