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Our Mission

Movement Drum Company is a husband and wife team that aims to help percussionists by creating the most versatile and complete practice pads in the market. We started Movement Drum Company because we love music and believe in it's ability to change lives, create communities, and represent a voice to the voiceless. Because of what both music and the drums have done for us, we want to give back. 

Playing the drums should be liberating, and the sound or size of the instrument should never cause restrictions. With this in mind, our mission is to create quality driven percussion tools that enable drummers to practice and play in any environment without compromise. Honesty, experimentation, and a commitment to learning from history are our best tools.

4-in-1 Practice Pad Demonstration

The 4-in-1 Practice Pad, Brush + Conditioning

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The 4-in-1 Practice Pad, Laminate + Conditioning

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The Marching Practice Pad

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The Endurance Practice Pad

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This practice pad from Movement Drum Co is new to our list. They were kind enough to send us one to check out. Upon receiving it, we were pleasantly surprised. It stands out from every other traditional pad on our list. We have deemed it to be our Editor's Choice.

Drumming Review

The Movement Drum Co's 12” Double-Sided Pad is our top pick because it provides four different playing surfaces to accommodate the practice needs of just about any type of drummer.

Kickstart Your Drumming

A useful drum practice pad has to be versatile and this one perfectly meets this criterion. Not only it is compact and portable, but also offers a variety of pad surfaces. Practically, you get four practice pads in a single package and all of them are very useful.

Electronic Drum Advisor

Over 120 5-star Reviews on amazon

I can't stop practicing on this pad. I love all the surfaces, especially the surface that provides little to no bounce and makes you work hard for strokes.

Amazon Customer

I really dig the removable laminate insert. Also, the raised "rim" is perfect for adding rimshot sounds to your practice routine. Both of which hold up very well under heavy use with marching sticks.

Amazon Customer

You have 4 different options with easy to change surfaces. There are plenty of options for the feel you like or getting the appropriate response for training purposes. The pad and inserts seem pretty well made and durable

Amazon Customer

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