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The Best Practice Drum Pads in the Market

Our mission is to create quality driven percussion tools that enable drummers to practice and play in any environment without compromise.We want to help drummers reach their musical goals and aspirations by helping them maximize their practice time.

The 4-in-1 Practice Drum Pad

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The Marching Snare Practice Drum Pad

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What Drum Magazines Are Saying about us

Upon receiving it, we were pleasantly surprised. It stands out from every other traditional pad on our list. We have deemed it to be our Editor's Choice.

Drumming Review

The Movement Drum Co's 12” Double-Sided Pad is our top pick because it provides four different playing surfaces to accommodate the practice needs of just about any type of drummer.

Kickstart Your Drumming

The build quality is great, and with the inserts and 4 surface options – if you want that type of flexibility – it’s worth the extra dollars over a single surface pad of comparable size.

Drum Silent


This is an outstanding practice pad. It has great feel. It's stylish and well-made. Easy to carry around. Definitely worth the money. Highly recommend for drummers of all skill levels.

I would 100% recommend this pad to anyone who's in search of a quality practice pad that doesn't want to empty their wallet.

Wow. I am seriously impressed with this pad and I am definitely a pad junkie.  I’m pretty sure this is going to immediately become my primary pad.

Our Pads have been Featured In

  • Drummer World - Movement Drum Co.
  • Drumeo - Movement Drum Co.
  • Modern Drummer - Movement Drum Co.

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